Message from General Secretary

At the outset let me thank all the members of APPI who have reposted the responsibility of “General Secretary” to me. It is a great honour to me in person. I take it as an opportunity and challenge to do those things which can bring respect and honour to the Physiologists and Pharmacologists when they interact other specialists be it Clinicians or Preclinical doctors.

Over a period of time the number of Physiologiststrainedin India have increased substantially without giving them quality training in some of the Colleges/Institutions. As a community of Physiologists /Pharmacologists we have to enforce that a Physiologists and Pharmacologists of tomorrow should be sound in knowledge, excellent orator cum teacher and clinically oriented researcher. As a Physiologists we should try and explain various complex events taking place to maintain healthy condition which when deranged results in a pathological state. It must be our endeavour to reach to various other specialities and work in tandem with them. Notwithstanding above, basic or fundamental research in Physiology and Pharmacology remains the star attraction for many of us and I fully endorse it. I also would request all the Senior Faculty members to promote this aspect in younger generation. It is essentially required for the growth of the speciality of Physiology and Pharmacology.

This being first of my interaction, I would like to assure you that I will make all efforts in the above mentioned direction. Though, it would be difficult to fit in the big shoes of some of the greats of APPI like Dr. B. K. Anand, Dr. S Dua Sharma & Dr. T. R. Raju, however the attempt and efforts will be on to create a betterplatform for future Physiologists and Pharmacologists. In this mission I seek your cooperation and support.

Jai Hind
Vi valde den tidiga våren säsongen festklänningar , till klänningar med höga klackar elongate benen trådlös, och få dig att se mycket attraktiv.

GP CAPT (Dr) D K Dubey

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