Guidelines for Holding the Annual Conference of APPI

  1. The General Secretary of the APPI will request all the Local Branches and suitable senior member of the APPI to send proposals for holding the Annual Conference, at least two months before every Annual Conference of that particular year.
  2. The proposal for holding the Conference can be sent by the Branches of the APPI to the General Secretary at any time of the year even before receiving the invitation from the General Secretary.
  3. All the proposals, received by the General Secretary will be placed before the Executive Committee and the General Body for approval. Applicants will be subsequently informed the decision taken thereupon.
  4. The dates of the conference should normally be from December 27-29. However, the local branches can request the Executive Committee and the General Body for any alternation in the date of conference, if there is any difficulty in holding the conference on the above mentioned dates. Also under unforeseen circumstances, the conference organisers can change the date of the conference, after getting approval from the General Secretary for the same.
  5. The registration fee to be charged by the conference organizers may be approved by the Executive Committee and the General Body based on the proposals put forward by the conferences organizers.
  6. After getting approval of the proposal for holding the Conference the local branches can take further steps for organizing the conference.
  7. A local Organising Committee may the constituted by the local branch or by the Organising Secretary as soon as the venue of the conference is decided. The intimation regarding the formation of the local Organizing Committee may be sent to the General Secretary and the Finance Secretary of the APPI.
  8. The local Organizing Committee can include the office bearers of the local branch (where the local branch exists), members of the APPI or any other members. Added to this, they can also have an advisory committee in which non members of APPI can also be included.
  9. The refundable advance money or Rs, 10,000/- will be sent by the Finance Secretary to the Organising Secretary on request immediately on receipt of information about the formation of Organising Committee. The Organising Committee will also be provided with the latest list of member of the APPI by the General Secretary.
  10. The Organising Committee should normally open an account in a schedule bank in the name of the conference. The said amount should be jointly operated by any two of the following office bearer i.e., President of Chairman of the Organising Committee, Organising Secretary and a Treasurer.
  11. The first announcement of the conference will be sent by the Organising Secretary to all the members of the APPI at least 8 months prior to the conference.
  12. A final announcement of the conference may be sent to all the members of the APPI at least four months before the conference. This announcement should have all details about submission of abstracts, registration, accommodation, subsistence allowance forms and railway concession forms (if applicable) etc.
  13. The Organising Committee can constitute various sub-committees to manage the various aspects of the conference.
  14. The Organising Secretary, should inform the delegates about the acceptance of paper and the amount received preferably within a month after the last date for submission of paper. Those, who are in need of provisional acceptance of their paper without paying the registration fee, should write the Organising Secretary, at least one month before the last date.
  15. The Organising Committee may seek guidance from General Secretary, Finance Secretary and from the Scientific Advisory Committee from time to time for the smooth conductance of conference.
  16. The programme should have provision for the Executive Committee meeting, on the day before the conference and General Body meeting, on the second day of the conference. It is preferable to have these meetings in the evenings until and unless there is any specific reason for changing the timings. These information’s should be intimated, sufficiently in advance to all the Executive Committee Members concerned i.e., to all the branch secretaries, representatives of local branches to central Executive Committee, to Founder members and also to all Ex-General Secretaries.
  17. Abstract submitted for the conference should be published as an abstract volume supplement of the Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology. The details for the same will be provided by the Editor in chief of IJPP. The supplement abstract volume of the scientific papers of the conference will be published by the organizers of the Annual Conference and covers for the same will be supplied by the IJPP. Conference Organizers will also provide about 400-500 copies of the fame to IJPP for distribution among the members of APPI.
  18. The Scientific programme of the conference should have free communication session (oral / poster presentation). It can also have invited lectures and symposia. The speakers invited for “symposia” and “invited lectures” should have contributed sufficiently in the field as evident from their publication.
  19. Member of APPI are eligible for presentation of the paper at the conference.
  20. The award paper should be given due importance while arranging the scientific sessions.
  21. A separate scientific session may be arranged by the Organising Secretary to select the best papers presented by postgraduate and undergraduate students for the R. Srinivasan’s Prize and Harish Gupta prize respectively. These sessions may be kept together one day before the General Body Meeting.
  22. The local Organising Committee should not charge registration fee and may provide local hospitality and other facilities such as TA/DA to the office bearers of the APPI on priority basis.
  23. The local Organising Committee should plan the budget and expenditure in such a way that it will be able to give about 25% of the registration fee to the IJPP and 50% of the balance to APPI.
  24. The money received for the conference should be spent for the conference only. A copy of the audited statement of account of expenditure should be submitted to the Finance Secretary. APPI within three months after the conference.
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